What’s in a name?

छोटे-छोटे काम वाले लोग ऐसा कर सकते हैं। कोई बड़ी कंपनी ऐसा रिस्क नहीं ले सकती है। जिसका करोड़ो का बिजनेस है वह ऐसा काम नहीं करेगा। कोई बड़ी कंपनी कहे कि हम सबसे खराब नमक दे रहे हैं, खाकर तो देखें तो कोई खरीदेगा ? यह छोटे शहरों और छोटी जगहों पर चल सकता है। चला तो ठीक, नहीं चला तो दूसरा नाम रख लेंगे।

Jameel Gulrays
My thoughts on the negative product naming culture prevalent these days was published in Navbharat Times’ edition dated April 3, 2022.

Divided We Fall

My thoughts on maintaining a safe distance from politics and religion was carried in the article published in The Free Press Journal on November 21, 2021. https://www.freepressjournal.in/weekend/divided-we-fall-when-politics-strainspersonal-relationships

Veteran advertising professional and founder of Katha Kathan Jameel Gulrays has suitably amended Karl Marx’s statement to better fit our current context. He says, “Both religion and politics are the opiate of the people. Both work as drugs that can dumb the mind and make people believe that these two alone can guarantee the future vitality of our nation. They divide people, and yet, we still find ourselves taking the opium every day, hoping that somehow it can do wonders for us and the country.” In reality, Gulrays adds, how a combination of these two drugs is lethal and has the power to do more harm than the most powerful nuclear bombs. “In our country, it is this combination which could destroy us. I have a simple solution, I refuse to discuss these two topics,” he says, on dealing with people with political differences.

Why this furore over Jashn-e-Riwaaz?

दीवाली पर जश्न-ए-रिवाज कहने में क्या गुनाह है? भाजपा नेता तेजस्वी सूर्या की धमकी के बाद फैब इंडिया ने हटाया विज्ञापन। सफाई भी दी। लेकिन फैब इंडिया के बहाने किस पर निशाना लगा रहे हैं तेजस्वी? उर्दू क्या मुसलमानों की भाषा है? आलोक जोशी के साथ जमील गुलरेज़, शरत प्रधान, नवीन जोशी और हिमांशु बाजपेई।

भाषाएं कहीं महज बोलियों में न बदल जाएं

भाषाएं कहीं महज बोलियों में न बदल जाएं जमील गुलरेज पाकिस्तान से पिछले दिनों उर्दू को लेकर एक खबर सामने आई। खबर कुछ यूं थी, ‘पाक सुप्रीम कोर्ट ने उर्दू को लेकर इमरान खान को लगाई फटकार।’ खबर को
— Read on epaper.navbharattimes.com/imageview_54126_58375_4_13_04-10-2021_14_i_1_sf.html

The Audio Medium


Nostalgia reloaded | My thoughts on Clubhouse in The Free Press Journal

The audio medium has always been music to former adman and Urdu connoisseur Jameel Gulrays’ ears. Having worked extensively in the field of aural communication during his advertising days, he is a firm believer in reading through one’s ears. 

“A voice playing on any device serves as the perfect background to many activities. A listener can interpret a voice visually, just the way they want,” he says, talking about how his six-year-old read-aloud stories’ project Katha Kathan has found a new home on Clubhouse. But unlike the Youtube and SoundCloud uploads, he finds storytelling sessions on Clubhouse more interactive and engaging. 

“Everything in writing begins with language. Language begins with listening. We give these storytelling sessions a feel of the radio play. I also get to speak to the audience, clear their doubts, discuss the story and get their feedback in real-time,” he says.

Gulrays and his Team Kathan perform dramatised readings of the lesser-known stories of Premchand on Saturdays at 10 pm as part of Jashn-e-Premchand and those of Saadat Hasan Manto on Sundays at 10 pm for The Other Side of Manto.  Gulrays’ storytelling sessions on Clubhouse has listeners across the world joining in.

The Other Side of Manto and Jashn-e-Premchand evoke nostalgia, reminding me of the good old days of the popular radio show Hawa Mahal.

An avid attendee from London, who grew up listening to the show on radio during her early years in Bhopal.

There’s a huge uptick in the user base of these platforms because as Gulrays says, “After all, you can truly listen to anyone and do anything else at the same time.”